New Android N Feature Could Save Your Life.

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Mar 10, 2016.

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    There is an all new feature in Android N that could potentially save your life. No one likes to speak of the inevitable, but somewhere along the line you are bound to experience some sort of accident or emergency. If for some reason you were unconscious, good Samaritans would need a good way to identify you in order to offer some help.

    One way to identify you would ordinarily be to unlock the lockscreen, and just find what you need. If your phone happens to be locked with no way in emergency responders. won't be able to ID you or find important info.

    Android N has added a new feature which allows you to set up a lockscreen with any information you would need emergency responders to see. This could be Blood Type, allergies, vitals, emergency contacts and all. Head to the link below for install guide.

    Android Central
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    Glad to see this become a stock feature. I've always had to find alternatives or other ways to provide some basic ICE info on my trips between here in Upper Michigan and back home in Kansas. I've made that 900 mile drive on my own several times. If I were to get into an accident halfway between the two, I'd want the proper people notified. Just being in town, it'd be nice to have that information available if I become incapacitated too.