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    Please come join us at the all new IRC Chat!!! #UniversalDroid if you have experience with any or all devices this is the place for you to play your part and give back to those less fortunate or learning!!! This room is dedicated to all devices not just one. I really missed the days where one single room for one device was packed and everyone at some point moves on to a newer device and leave the chats they are used to and the people they chatted with. This is my way to try to grow one huge family where more people become friendly, and the more people the ideas that are thrown around for bigger and better things!!!!!!! Please this is not an attempt at ruining a room, but an attempt at growing a new bigger and better family, where we stick together like we should be doing... This is the Android Movement, the Android Way!!!!!

    P.S. If you know what you are doing, you get OP privledges, just hit me up!!
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