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    Hello all, Not sure if im in the right area. I just got a new Motorola Devour. Loving it since I have been living in the old Razor days... I have a degree in the IT field and am amazed at the capabilities of these new phone. Envy all you phone techies out there since all I know is computers. :)

    On to the point. I have been really interested in getting a barcode scanner for this devour but none of them work since there is no auto focus. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I know its still new and the cam part isn't that great but.. What about a scanner with a zoom feature? This camera seems to be a little clearer at just a little farther distance than right up close. Love the features of Shop Savvy too. Or is there any available that does not require an auto focus?

    Thank you kindly for your thoughts and help.