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    Hi I'm Stacy :) new to the site forgive my venting but...this might not be in proper order....forgive me :icon_ banana:
    I have had my first Motorola Droid 1 since Feb 2010 which I have to reformat and send back, I recently got a new refurbished Motorola Droid 1 and not thrilled about refurbished cell phones.
    I bought my refurbished cell to the verizon store for them to setup transfer and get my email and contacts onto it and they found that the "A" button on the keypad wasn't working. Being as I don't use "landline" to make my calls I almost got stuck with the cell phone which I use the keyboard alot for emailing/texting instead of the touch screen.
    Anyway, they happen to have another in stock in the back and being I had a plastic protective shield on mine I thought I would wait a few days before going back and getting one.
    I waited before getting a screen protector and its been 3 days the signal is better.
    Like the first Droid the ringtones I assigned to family and friends on the second Droid arent working just after I went out and purchased the protective shield! Never fails! Including the fact the night before the cell phone froze and reboots on it's own (like it has a mind of its own) doesnt do what I want it to do. As did my first one. I would touch a option and the cell wouldn't respond I would have to touch the icon or a cell contact more than once for it to work.
    Electronics including the one laptop I am currently on malfunctions....sorry I'm venting a bit. dancedroid
    This is why I decided to google the problem and found this site.
    I don't know why they make smartphones if they don't act smart?!
    can anyone tell me that?
    I'm simply discusted with being stuck with lemons for electronics and no solutions but a reject they call " refurbished/like new" labeled on their boxes by the way....that's what started all my anger and not only that but "certified" what a joke!
    anyway....hopefully as many times as I go into verizon maybe they will get sick of me and give me NEW one lol
    One can only wish!
    anyone have this specific problem?
    Sorry for the post if it seems a little backwards I'm just so agitated with the cell phone and verizon for their lack of customer service.
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    Welcome! Glad you found us. Sorry that you are having issues with your replacement. Sadly, that seems to be a common complaint from folks who receive units refurbished phones. Many keep returning while others live with it until they are eligible for an upgrade.

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