Never run out of Power again! RavPower 14000mAh battery charger review

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    We have all had it happen, one of our electronic devices can’t maintain a normal day’s worth of battery power. If you’re a traveler that wishes to watch a movie on your tablet during your long flight but still need power to finish up your meetings for that day, this product may be for you. Today I’ll be going over one of RAVPower’s newest devices, the KnightRider RP-PB13 Power Bank. Throughout the review I’ll be taking a look at the unboxing, a product description, features and specifications. I would like to thank RAVPower for supplying TSF with this unit.


    Unboxing the product is fairly straight forward. Included in the packaging is the 10.8 ounce KnightRider unit along with a flannel carrying bag, a large array of charging adapters and of course a multi-language mini user manual. RAVPower’s engineers have developed an ingenious technique for users to go about charging their various products.

    Instead of including a charging cable for every possible mobile device; such as Samsung, Apple, Nokia, HTC, etc., they integrated two USB chargers and have added 2.5mm jacks on each end. This allows you to swap out the adapter depending on which product you’re currently charging. Now even if you don’t use any of the adapters, like for an iPhone 5, using any charging cable will suffice.

    Product Description

    Unlike the HooToo TripMate, that I reviewed a few weeks ago, the sole purpose of the KnightRider is to be a battery bank. With its massive 14000mAh battery, the unit can easily become a mobile charger for a long trip. Business personnel will enjoy this product as it eliminates the need for packing a wall port and long charging cable just for a two/three day trip.

    Coming in at a price of $42.99 for the 14000mAh model or $34.99 for the 8400mAh model and having the option of either Black or White, I would put this at a prefect price point for what you’ll be receiving.

    One final touch RAVPower has added is a small LED flashlight which can be activated by pressing down the power button. This is a great feature, whether the power is out or you’re just looking for the charging cable for your phone.

    Features and Specifications

    Whereas the HooToo was feature packed, the KnightRider’s main feature is that it’s a battery bank. With a massive 14000mAh battery it has the ability to recharge a HTC Rezound for more than five days straight which is outstanding. To provide a better benchmark is the fact that even after those five days of charging, the KnightRider has yet to drop below 75%. To put this into perspective my Samsung Galaxy S3 only has a 2100mAh battery and that lasts about a day.

    Not only does the KnightRider offer a massive amount of power but it also has the ability to charge two devices simultaneously. With two USB outputs, one outputting 1A and the other 2A, charging your phone and tablet has never been easier. Personally, I have been charging my products off of the 2A USB output and the KnightRider can actually charge faster than my wall socket!

    The downside is that such a large battery requires a long waiting time for recharge. Expect to wait around 8+ hours to reach maximum recharge while using a 2A wall charger or 17 hours on a 1A charger.

    One thing to remember while using the KnightRider is that after a short period of inactivity, the unit will power down to reserve its own battery power. A simple tap of the home button brings the KnightRider out of sleep mode.

    Finally, on the face of the KnightRider is a matte finish that protects the unit from any light scratch marks but more importantly makes the unit fingerprint proof. No longer will you need to wipe away any messy smudges.


    For a price point of just $42.99 you’d be hard pressed to find something that offers as much. I have been using the KnightRider for the past two weeks and have not had any issues. I truly recommend this product to someone who travels frequently for business as this small device can truly become a life saver for your mobile device. RAVPower Deluxe 14000mAh External Battery Charger / External Battery Pack / Portable Power Bank Pack for iPhone 5 (Lightning Cable not included), 4S, 4, iPad 4, 3, 2, Mini, iPods; Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S2, Note 2; HTC One, EVO, Thunderbo
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