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    Using Droid, Cyanogen 7 mod ROM, trying to watch something on Netflix via my phone. Netflix version is 1.5.1, build 367 which was released on 10/19/2011 I believe.

    Although it's never been completely in synch with each other, the Netflix app had been at least watchable. If it hadn't been in synch, it was at least no more out than a second or two. However, recently, it's been unwatchable, with the video running at times a full minute or more behind the audio.

    The current signal strength runs from the mid 80's to low 90's (-83 to -91 dBm), EVDO -2 dBm, Ec/Io -1, SNR of 7. Inside the status of the phone, it's showing the same strength range (-83 to -91 dBm) with 0 asu. RF Network type is EVDO_A. The network status is showing 4 bars, all of them full.

    In the past, it's been watchable, and I'm using it in the same location I've always used it.

    Although it may be possible, recent updates to the Netflix app may be behind it, but I have not associated it with any update that's taken place. It's been more of an issue with the signal strength in the past. Poor/no 3g means poor/no Netflix connectivity. Oddly though, the signal strength appears to be fine.

    Other apps that stream (Pandora, TuneIn Radio, Scanner apps) are all audio, and they all function fine. It seems this is just the video that is lagging so.

    Anyone experiencing issues such as this, particularly on Netflix, or with any other streaming application? Is there a fix?
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