Need new phone! EVO-3D or current VZ Droids?

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by Iamthedragonwarrior, Jul 28, 2011.

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    Okay, I've been with Verizon for years now, (originally an Alltel customer), and I am in need of a new phone. I don't buy phones every time a new one comes out. I buy them when I need them so I want to buy a good phone that will last me a good while and is pretty current on technology.

    I have a Blackberry Curve still and I was waiting for the Bionic but after hearing the September release date-I'm pissed. That's the phone I wanted and forgive me for sounding like a whiny 5 year old child, but I can't wait any longer. I use my phone as my camera and my Blackberry just seems to be getting worse. If freezes up like crazy, takes MINUTES to reboot, etc.

    I'm thinking of switching to Sprint and getting the EVO 3D. Looks like an amazing phone. However, while reading about the EVO 3D on this site it seems a lot of members seem to think Sprint has really crappy service, (dropped calls, low signal, etc.). I won't be using 4G right now because it's not available in my area but would still like to have a 4G phone for when it does become available.

    Of all the Droid phones on the VZ network right now which one is best? I need great pictures, very little freezing up, front facing camera, preferably 4G, and would like dual core. I would also like to be able to Skype. I'm not very into games.

    Sprint is offering a $125 credit for switching from another carrier right now as well! At $199 for the Evo-3D, plus the credit of $125, plus the lower monthly cost of their plan compared to VZ I'm getting tempted to switch..........
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    There is no 4g AND dual core phone out until the Bionic. At this point it's one or the other... If you need a phone now, make a decision and go with it. Decide on what your needs are... not based on posts on forum. This forum is primarily a Verizon site and many people have had bad experiences with Sprint... but YMMV.

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