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    Hello I am in need of help I manually updated my Droid Razr Maxx to the OTA LEAK of jellybean from Christmas
    It worked perfectly after doing the update exept i have horrible battery life now
    i was messing with the you tube app trying to install a version that had screen off playback which i could not get installed but that is not the problem
    while i was doing this i made a backup of the official you tube app in titanium backup just in case then precoded to uninstall the stock you tube app
    after i realized that i could not get the new you tube app to install i then went to titanium backup and attempted to reinstall it, i soon realized titanium backup did not make a backup
    which i dident think was a big deal so i went into the play store and installed regular you tube

    Now the OTA Jellybean is out 98.72.16 is released

    I attempted to get the update as i am getting horrible battery life on the leak and bc i do not have the official youtube app it will not complete the update

    My question is Does anyone have a copy of the system version of the stock you tube app that comes with the droid razr maxx

    If someone would send me a link to it that would be much appreciated


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    Did you do an FDR(factory data reset) after the update? It might be all you need to correct any issue.

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