Need help with incomming calls.

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    Hello. I am new to android phones so I apologize for my rookie question.
    I am using Plantronics Voyager Legend bluetooth headset most of the time with Galaxy Nexus I9250.
    When I am receiving a call I hear "Incomming call from {name} answer or ignore". But sometimes (or lately most of the time) it is just "Incomming call answer or ignore" without the name of a caller even if it the same caller and I do see a caller Id on the screen. It is just too frustrating to go reach for the phone every time when I am doing something else just to see who is calling. (Like I do not really wanna answer if it my boss calling on my day off :happy3:)

    Little bit of my setup if it going to help:
    I purchased an unlocked Galaxy Nexus I9250 and activated it on StraightTalk with TMobile SIM.
    Current Android version on the phone is 4.3.
    I am using GoogleVoice. (Callers calling one number and GoogleVoice forwards them to another number to my phone)