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    I'm trying to mod my theme using ninjamorph, but i'm lost (i'm new to changing themes). I have an Eris running GSB 2.7-CM 7-RC 4 and i'd like to change a few things in the status bar and in a couple of other places.
    When i run ninjamorph all my files in the framework-res.apk show up as .xml files, aren't they supposed to be .png files? is this because i'm not deodexed or because it is a Gingerbread ROM? what is deodexing for that matter, i've read it in a few places but i don't understand what it is/does...or how to do it for that matter. any help would be appreciated!
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    In framework -Res/Res/drawable-mdpi you should have all your PNG images since I think that's a low resolution phone... I'm not 100% sure on all the benefits of deodexing but devs will odex files to save space (basically) and deodexing changes the files which in turn allows for transparency and hex color changes... some people say you can't theme if odexed but from what I've seen, you can replace pngs but color changes and/or transparency (like the statusbar pulldown) wont apply... and on some devices can even bootloop... as always, I could be incorrect but nonetheless, you should still be able to see the PNG images using ninjamorph.... another option is to search metamorph themes for mdpi devices and see what's available..... but always have a nandroid back up made b4 Modding.... hope this helps and I didn't even look at the date of the OP.... lollol

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