NEED HELP: Sipgate has hijacked my Voicemail...

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    hello all,
    in my quest for VOIP calling over WIFI I signed up for a Sipgate account.

    ***FOOLISHLY*** I entered my VZ number into their system and now it has hijacked my Voicemail completely.
    when I call from another number I get a message saying "to access your account please enter your 4-digit PIN..." - after a few tries I figured out that it was 0000 but there is no setting for deactivating this service.

    I have:

    1. deleted all references to my device in my Sipgate account
    2. deactivated and deleted all VM and Call Forwarding settings and rules
    3. manually tried to reactivate Google Voicemail services by once again entering the code from GV
    4. searched the Help section at Sipgate and the forums
    5. tried to deactivate my Sipgate account but cannot find out HOW to do it!!

    I mean - at least it's the weekend so I'm not getting business calls but this is ridiculous!
    at the very least I'd love to know how to reset my VM to just stock VZ VM.
    I can reactivate GV after that if I want.

    what a disaster. I can't BELIEVE that they would allow a product to default to this behavior, and provide absolutely NO DOCUMENTATION about how to undo it!!!!

    help would be very much appreciated.
    (and yes I sent off an angry help request to their Tech Support but I'm not holding my breath)

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