Need feedback on my thoughts, X vs dInc

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    Ill try to be as descriptive as i can, sorry if it becomes long winded. Once im able to actually hold the X, ill be making a final decision i suppose, but for now here are my thoughts ... i beg for some feedback.

    As of right now im leaning towards the dInc. But let me explain my thought process, as i might be off base on some of it.

    This is very important to me. I have used the dInc camera and its just flawless. While i think i read a review stating the physical button on the X makes the pic shaky and adds graininess?

    Its obvious which is more compact. In fact the move to the larger screen sort of scares me! Will it sit in my palm comfortably? Will it feel awkward when holding to my head? Another thought is that my wife will ultimately have the same phone as me, will she like the huge X against her head, or in her small hands?

    I have a Moto Droid right now and love it, but i played with a dInc and i think i can definitely get used to Sense. I also think my wife will like it as well. I noticed the X has those 3 buttons for home|apps|contacts and i really hate the way it looks, but im assuming there will be apps to change that right away.

    I think the dInc is a great device but think ultimately the X will become more popular. 1. because the dInc has been out of stock for 2mo and counting, and also because i think more developers will migrate to the X and with that comes a ton of attention to apps and customization.

    Another thing that scares me about the X is even if i can find myself comfy with the larger size, i definitely want an impact case. Adding a case of any value will absolutely add to the size and to the weight.

    In my apartment right now on my Moto Droid i have sometimes 1 - 2 bars. All the reviews im reading indicate i will have 0-1 bars on the dInc. No service at home = i just cant get that phone. So i will definitely be looking at this closely

    Ill add to the list im sure, but can i get some feedback on those points?
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    Oh boy not another one of these threads lol :)
    1. This is something that you want to test out later in store on release day, because it's possible that they have fixed that since the models for the Moto employees were made.

    2. Um..cut out a cardboard piece with the dimensions of the X and test it out

    3. You should be able to use a custom home replacement

    4. I think I agree with you here

    5. Not sure what you mean by impact case...its guaranteed that there will be good cases for it

    6. I don't see it being worse than the Incredible