Need assistance starting over to import music on Razr Maxx

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    I have a relatively new Maxx. I initially brought over music with the Verizon built in app. Later on, I remembered that I had purchased Double Twist a few years ago when I briefly owned the first Droid. As it turned out, I was still able to use the license. Unfortunately, I did not realize just how corrupted my iTunes library had become before doing so (I do not spend alot of time listening to music, however I want it to be right).

    I ended up with all sorts of duplications.

    Before trying to correct anything on the phone, I have spend a fair amount of time going back to my iTunes library where I have done a major overhaul. I managed to get rid of dup's, recovered artwork, essentially cleaned it all up.

    Now that it is nice and clean, I would like to bring it over to the phone again, but without all the garbage. How do I go about clearing out the phone for the music that is already on it. That's the first question. The second question is which method would be best to use. Should I use the Moto thing, go with Double Twist, or try something else all together.

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