need advice restoring to stock, 212 ICS leak no safestrap

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    (if you don't feel like reading all of this, the main point is in bold below :) )
    I think it was before we had a good working safestrap or something there abouts, maybe it was because I have never touched a Moto phone before this one, but in June 2012 I flashed ICS 212 on my wife's Droid 4, without any problems, first (try I've spent some time with Samsung, HTC, and LG phones, so it was not my first rodeo). I asked a good number of questions here for assistance, (lots of thanks to OrangeChooChoo) and got a great response when ever I needed help.

    Now, I want to get my wife's D4 setup properly, get the phone back to complete stock, up to date, then safestrap and give her a couple of Roms to play with. She is bored with ICS and I would prefer to have the stock OTA current on the phone than keep her on an incomplete leak.

    I've read several restore threads, but all seem to assume that safestrap was used (I did install it and played around to get familiar with it, and feel comfortable setting the phone up with it and multiple Roms), and in my case it was not. I have downloaded every single file listed on these forums from the last 10 months that did not give a 404 error (I peek in every so often and read some threads, downloading when I see something interesting), but only those dealing with stock, I'll get an up to date rom after I resolve this issue.

    What I need to know is can I follow the same instructions given for safestrap users? (example given from one of the threads here recently)

    Re: .217 to stock for warrantee replacement.

    1) use safestrap to boot back into your stock rom
    2) use the safestrap app to uninstall the recovery, then delete the app
    3) download rsd lite and the ics sbf file (I think hashcode has it at
    4) boot your phone into fastboot mode (power & vol down when booting up I believe)
    5) flash the ics sbf

    Should I flash the GB recovery instead and let the phone take any OTAs? (to make sure radios and such are up to date) I understand there is a bricking issue with flashing GB over ICS, so if this method is recommended, I'll need some better instructions! (most of my current experience is with LG at this time, it is fairly simple, you factory reset, then use the LG tool to flash the .cab for the version you want and you end up with a factory restored phone, exactly the way it would be if you had a refurb shipped to you. additionally the update from GB to ICS had some radio updates and a couple of other things you could only get by receiving the OTA or flashing the OTA .bin or .cab after that you were good to go)

    I expect my wife will prefer CM 10.1 but I Want to give her stock/cm10.1 and then something else to play with, that way when she complains about something in CM or the other Rom, I can dump her back to stock and count the seconds till she apologizes. :-D she could not figure out how to change the Roms using safestrap if I gave her a 50 page book with "...twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was..."

    I posted this question, because the current stickied return to stock thread specifically says "for gingerbread only"
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    Haha, your bit at the end there gave me a good chuckle. Well it seems you've done your homework so that makes things much easier. You pretty much hit the nail on the head with the ICS sbf method: just download the sbf file (Hashcode's directory does have it) make sure you're on your stock system, uninstall safestrap, boot into fastboot mode and go to town. In regards to Gingerbread, DO NOT try to sbf a gingerbread file now that you no longer have a gingerbread kernel. You'll permanently brick your device. Sbf'ing the ics file will update everything it needs so no need to worry about radios or any other files.

    Once your device is on the official 217 ics ota, feel free to root it, install safestrap, and go nuts.
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