Need advice on transferring from rooted Droid 1 to Droid 2

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    Hi everyone.

    Droid 1 finally had enough hardware issues that it is getting replaced with a Droid 2 (not global) until I upgrade to a new phone sometime later.

    Anyway... I will very likely root/bootstrap my Droid 2 when I receive it and install Liberty Rom 2.0 - any opinions on Roms for Droid 2?) when I get it. I love and use Titanium backup and I was hoping to basically just do a restore of my apps to the new phone.

    1. Will I have any issues restoring apps & appdata from Droid 1 Titanium Backups to my new Droid 2 (rooted)?

    2. I probably don't have any worthwhile data for any system/google apps so I will probably leave them alone. Plus, I don't want to accidentally restore Droid 1 system data and overwrite some vital Droid 2 settings. Any additional thoughts on this?

    3. Will I have any issues inserting and using my existing Droid 1 SD card on my Droid 2? Should I backup my documents, music, photos, saves, etc from the SD card and then just format the SD card with the Droid 2? Maybe that would be cleaner and avoid issues. Any special formatting advice besides the obvious?

    Thanks for your help in advance. If anyone has personal experience with this same transition, I would like to hear how that went for you.
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