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    ...I can

    1) Adjust the font large enough to be able to at least see the shapes of the letters. Closest I have found so far is Contact GroupU. I can increase the font of the group name and just put one contact in the group. I don't know if there is a limit to the number of groups, though.

    2) Won't lump multiple phone numbers under one contact just because the name is similar. That's always fun to have happen. It's like Motorolla is forcing me to pull to the side of the road everytime I need to make a call.

    3) When I enter a new contact it shows up (for a change) in the list. I keep trying to create a contact called "Forward to Home", starting with *72 followed by my home phone number and it never shows up in the list. I did eventually see it when I tried a free contact app that would not work for me for other reasons.

    4) Voice calling that comes up with contacts remotely similar to what I say. Do I need to speak Chinese? I think an app that lets you train the voice dialing would be much better.

    Right now the best thing about the Droid is the maps navigation. It does a much better job of routing and speaking than my Tom Tom ever did. Now if they could just make it easier to save and use destinations it would be great. Again, I need to have bigger fonts when it offers alternative destinations for me to choose from. Are there special glasses made for using the Droid while driving?