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    So I was hanging out at the emergency squad earlier where my wife volunteers. I happen to see one of the members using a Droid Eris and ask him how long he has had it. He informs me he has had it since launch and the conversation turns into an Android love fest. During the conversation he mentions that he came from using an iPhone 3GS. So I ask him if he regrets getting the Eris. His response was one that would warm any Android lovers heart.. and I quote, "After using an Android phone I will never go back to an iPhone. The iPhone is the kindergarten of smart phones and Android is the smart phone for adults." I smiled ear to ear when I heard that. Oooh and he is getting an Incredible this week. :icon_ banana:

    To top it off another member was there with his Blackberry Storm. He was wondering what we were chatting about. So we told him and he played with both the Eris and my Droid. His closing statement was, "You're a prick! Now I have to go get one of these." Ahhh... another convert inbound. He too will either be getting a Droid or an Incredible. :icon_ banana::icon_ banana::icon_ banana: