Nearly the perfect phone (Intro)

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    Hello All, thought I'd drop a line to introduce myself. I have been keeping my eye on the droid since the media leaks and teaser ads. After some youtube videos, multiple reviews, visits to different stores, I decided I had to have one.

    Only problem is that I am 5 months before my next available upgrade. I contemplated adding a line just to get one but then I'd just end up having a spare line sitting in a drawer. So I decided to by one at non-contract price!

    Wow, this phone is damn near perfect. I've been using it over a week and can only find a few 'hiccups' with it but it's probably nothing more than user-error or something an app can easily fix, nothing that has made me regret the cash I dropped on this thing.

    I love NOT having to have outlook to sync with my laptop. I've been an avid google user for years so the droid is perfect in that aspect. I know BB could sync with google without outlook, but I never had luck getting it done correctly majority of the time, always ended up with duplicate events/contacts.

    As I mentioned above, there are a few qualms but I'm sure I wont have any problems figure those out.

    See ya on the forums
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