Navigation Causing Phone Crash

Discussion in 'ChevyNo1' started by VingInMedina, May 30, 2011.

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    I am running SS 5.3 with the new LV 1.0 Ghz Kernel from 5/26 (noticed a big difference in battery life).

    I have been noticing that if I use the navigation program the phone will crash (hot boot) at some point every time. It may only take 15 minutes or it may take 45, but it will do it every time. Nothing else seems to be causing the phone to crash, just navigation.

    I am also experiencing a really big lag in everything I do. When I start an application it take 15 seconds for it to start running. If I click on a contact it seems like forever before it brings it up so I can call. I get a text and select it from the navigation bar and it's a long time before the messaging app comes up.

    Anyone else having a problem like this? It actually seems to be worse since I flashed the new kernel.
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    It could be heat (known nav issue) that is causing it. What clock speed are you running when nav is running?

    As far as slow - run 'mtop' in terminal and observe what apps are at the top of the list. Or get osmonitor from market - these will tell you potentially what is hogging the cpu.