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    I have a basic understanding of rooting but I'm a bit confused about recovery. I have used Easy Root to root and it has been successful. However, before I go any further, I would like to know more about recovery and returning to a stock Froyo Droid.

    I understand that I need to flash a custom recovery for me to proceed to changing to a different ROM, kernel, etc. I will be using ROM Manager as my tool to do these changes. My first question is once I flash to a custom recovery, will I be able to get back to the stock recovery and bootloader? When I make my first backup after I flash the custom recovery, will it backup the stock ROM, stock recovery, stock bootloader, and stock kernel? If I want to return to stock Froyo, do I choose the Froyo roms in ROM Manager?

    I appreciate your indulgence in my ignorance. But, I want to be sure I understand how to get back to a stock Froyo Droid before I venture into the world of custom ROMs and kernel.


    Update ; I answered my own questions by testing it out myself. There is nothing better than getting your feet wet.
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