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    This app had me at "Hierarchical to-do lists." [​IMG]
    MyLifeOrganized is an easy-to-use, yet powerful and intuitive, task organizer.
    ✓ Hierarchical to-do list: organize your tasks into projects and break down large tasks until you have reasonably sized actions.
    ✓ Next Actions: automatically display only your next actions in different views such as Active by Context or Active by Project.
    ✓ Specially designed for GTD® (Getting Things Done®)
    ✓ MLO Smart To-Do Sorting based on Computed-Score priority
    ✓ Filter actions by context
    ✓ Inbox for rapid task entry
    ✓ Recurring and regenerating tasks
    ✓ Starred tasks: highlight your important tasks
    ✓ Zoom: concentrate on a specific branch of tasks
    ✓ Dependency: complete the tasks in a specific order
    ✓ Nearby view: get a list of actions for your current GPS location (soon)
    ✓ Bookmarks: jump quickly to any branch in your task outline


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