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    Feb 9, 2011
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    I've had it for 7 days now and to sum it all up is awesome.

    Biuld quality is great
    Slider just perfect
    Keybaord is the best on an android phone
    Camera is better then my last phone the droid x
    Taking pics in a dark room with flash look good no gainy look.
    Screen is really really nice. Better color the the dx.
    Ui is really nice even better then what I had on the dx running 2.3.3
    Battery life is good. Can get a good 13 hours on moderate use some times even more.
    Front camera is good just with we can use it like everyone else does.
    Speed is good no lag even running livewallpaper

    Things that are not so good

    Blue tint with pics
    Screen redraws
    A few reboots up to 5 now
    Bottom of the phone on the back gets reel hot most of the time. Mostly on 3g

    All in all I know those issues can be fix with an update so im not to concerned
    . Im very very happy with it.

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