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My poor Maxx is dying

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR MAXX' started by JohnnytheK, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. JohnnytheK

    JohnnytheK Well-Known Member

    Aug 5, 2010
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    Ever since ICS it's been a little wonky but very fast and mostly very satisfying.

    But, and it's a very big but.

    At least once a week my Maxx would spontaneous lockup and then reboot.
    Not sure what caused it, I couldn't make it happen. It started to crash every day and now several times a day.
    So I bit the bullet and FDR'd and only added the minium about of apps, (177 is probably too many.)

    Today it was running fast and snappy and then blam, not only a reset but a continual reset.
    Grrr, I got it to stop after a bit. and then it was fast and snappy again for about a hour and then.
    Stuck in a boot loop.

    Verizon store for sure.