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    Anybody else? I accidentally used an invalid credit card to buy an activation code for the suite of solitaire games offered for $5.

    I immediately corrected my mistake by using another card which was immediately rejected for unknown reason. I tried the same card again and got a notice that to protect from fraud they were holding the issue in a "pending" status. Shortly after that they sent another e-mail saying I should get confirmation within 15 minutes.

    That was yesterday afternoon, This morning I got an e-mail saying that they were linking a download site for an updated version and an activation code. Then I was instructed to go to and log onto my account which linked me to another download site. I successfully downloaded the new version to my Droid but it's still a trial version, I'm locked out of most of the games.

    I don't think I can fault the developer, "softick" but the mobihand people have been a real headache.
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