My LG Spectrum has embarrassed me for the last time - Need replacement

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    I have had my VZ LG SPectrum for a year and a half but if I had a pistol i would shoot it, At a private recital in a home this evening, I checked after the program began to make sure volume was off. Last month I thought I had turned it off before an opera, but my ringtone blared during an opera in a packed auditorium. Since then I have turned the phone off entirely at musical events and at theater.

    Because I have a fairly large memory chip the phone tales quite a while to reboot and become usable.

    For that reason I simply set the phone on silent,not even vibrate tonight. Being paranoid, I checked shortly after the program began, all indications were that volume was off. At a key moment it rang. The performer made a caustic comment. Concentration was broken.

    So, I need a replacement that at least matches the Spectrum:

    Fairly large,
    Good screen
    Decent camera
    Oversize battery

    AND above all,
    A MECHANICAL SWITCH THAT WILL COMPLETELY TURN OFF ALL SOUND, Which CANNOT BE OVERRIDEN BY ANY SOFTWARE OR ACCODENTAL TOUCHING. I want to be able to tell it is in the off position by just looking without looking at a screen.

    Ooops. Didn't realize I was shouting. My old palm pre had such a switch. I understand iPhones have them. If I had realized that I would have violated all of my principles and bought one, but I don't want to go there if I don't have to. Is there an affordable amdroid that will fit my requirements

    Recommendations please.

    Thanks in advance,

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