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    I received my Gear 360 last week from Amazon international shipping. Had some time to take some video. It works best in good lighting. I did take some video later in the evening with late PM sun. Video quality took a hit. Transferring video wirelessly from Gear 360 to my S7 takes time. The Gear 360 places all pics and video onto local memory, not the SD card. Video can be transferred from S7 local memory to the SD card. However, if you move Gear 360 pics from local to SD memory you will no longer be able to view the 360 effect. It helps to know which camera is the "Front". This will help determine the Youtube thumbnail. The Gear 360 needs a pause button just like the phone while recording video. This is a huge pain. I typically pause while recording on my phone to help cut out dead time. Uploading 360 pics to Facebook is easy. The only device I have found so far that does not like FB 360 pics is my stock 2013 Nexus 7. All other Android and Iphone devices can see the 360 effect.

    When viewing 360 video from Youtube anything below 720 resolution is useless. 1080 or 1440 is best if you have the bandwidth. On some videos I used a bigger tripod and selfie stick to get above rock formations or people. The included tripod is too small for my hands. Too easy to drop the Gear 360 with the included tripod. Overall I'm very happy with it. Definitely has the cool factor when uploading pics to FB. No one has seen the tech yet.

    I took some pics and video. Here's one I took of someone else crossing what's called Moon Rocks near Naches, Wa.

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