my droid pro wont charge :(

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by suppur5, Sep 25, 2012.

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    Droid pro wont charge?
    well last week i unlocked my step dads old droid pro, then i used my straight talk sim card from bring your own phone program. I then downgraded the droid to 2.26.0 so i can unlock the radio and use straight talk on it. I had to use z4root and droid 2 bootstrap. everything went fine until i had to charge it. Now it doesnt recognize any of the five chargers ive tried nor connected to the pc v.v. I woould assume the charger port was broke but it seems ironic that 2 days after my step dad gives me it that the charger port would brake.. Could it be something with the root? I've already flashed the firmware 3 times with no luck :( plz help
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