mwahahahahha porting over launcher.apk from 2.1 works

Discussion in 'ShadowROM' started by droidman101, Sep 6, 2010.

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    so far ive only tested it on shadowrom, and timelincoln from #koush irc channel tested it on cm 6. We wanted to see if it would run and he just happened to have one on his sdcard from rom manager that he downloaded with cm 5.0.8
    this has not been modified and the actual .zip was downloaded from rom manager a while ago. This has been tested on clockworkmod but might also work on spr.
    download here!
    dancedroid there have been some issues so far, like when youre mounted to a computer it says system forcecloses, hitting home twice says system forcecloses, and timelincoln says that the settings have forceclosed too on cm6(hasnt happened to me on shadowrom) so install at your own risk

    This is REALLY buggy, so I suggest doing a backup
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