Must have accessory for Droid 2!

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid 2' started by want a droid, Sep 17, 2010.

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    Someone in the Accessories sub forum posted over a week ago about a screen cover sold from and I have to say this is a must have purchase for any and all droid 2 users.

    It is an Anti-Glare Screen Protection kit that comes with 3 screen covers for just $4.99!


    • Screen protector covers entire droid2 screen and even has a cut out for the speaker on the top of the phone
    • Leaves no finger prints or smudges at all (literally)
    • Smoother touch screen than screen-protector-less screen

    • On white background screens (txt messaging, browser, etc.) the screen appears a little grainy but after a couple days you hardly notice it anymore
    Forreal though this is a steal too compared to verizon's $13.99 screen protectors.

    Prick sales rep sold me incredible screen protectors telling me the screens were the same size only for me to find out it only covered the boxed screen not the 4 bottom buttons and top.

    Anti-Glare Screen Protection Kit, Motorola DROID® 2 A955

    There's the link