Must clear phone to return. Need help...

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    Must clear phone to return. How do I save old information and transfer it to new phon

    I have a Motorola Droid phone and Verizon sent me a replacement phone because the button cover for the photo button fell off. I must return the old phone and keep the replacement phone but there is a bunch of emails, phone numbers, colornote app notes...inside the phone that I must make sure they are removed and backed up somewhere.

    1. My question is, I have an app called ColorNote (I think that's what it's called) and it has approx 20 pages of notes, numbers...that I do not want to loose or hand copy and hand type back in the new phone. Does anyone know how I can transfer this information from the old phone to the new replacement phone?

    2. How do I transfer all the apps, approx 30-40 from the Droid to be returned to the replacement Droid.

    3. Any suggestions on how I can make sure I don't loose any personal information on the phone before I return it?

    I DO NOT own a personal computer. The Droid is my only phone/computer. I do have a Gmail account.

    Thank you.
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