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    I couldn't find another thread with this info on it so hopefully someone can help me out!

    about 3 weeks ago I added music to my droid and everything worked out perfectly. Just recently I tried to update my music selection the same way I did before, but it's not working. The music I added isn't showing up on the phone, and the music I deleted is still showing up on the phone, but when I try to play it, it says that 'player does not support this type of audio file' (which is good because it doesn't exist!). I did everything the same, the file types (MPEG) are the same on every song, the old albums I didn't remove still play, and the folders to the new unrecognized music are are in the same format as the old ones.
    any help is appreciated. :)

    quick update, I just removed all the music on the phone, then added it back in a new file. I was watching the phone load and recognize the new albums, but as soon as they were all there, I checked back, and I'm at the exact place I was before, still showing files that don't exist, while not showing files that do.
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