Music App recognizing media erased from SD card

Discussion in 'Android Audio and Video' started by droid1192, Nov 27, 2010.

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    I started having minor issues with music on my Droid after installing doubleTwist and then trying to use it to sync my iTunes library with my phone, so I just decided to delete all the music files from my SD card and then put them all back on. I did this, but then I couldn't play anything on my phone; Music App kept telling me that it did not support the audio file for everything, even songs I knew worked before. So I deleted everything again, only to find that even after I deleted every audio file off of the SD card, Music App still showed all of them in its library.

    I know that the files are not on my SD card because both my computer and phone say I have a ton of free space left from where the files used to be, and I also deleted doubleTwist and all its related files off of my phone and SD card. Any ideas for what to do?
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    I haven't used DoubleTwist myself, but it looks like the media app doesnt update its cache properly. To speed up loading, it likely creates a list of the songs it finds the first time. Either look in the app to see if there is an option to refresh or clear the cache.
    Otherwise, go into settings > applications and then clear the cache from there.
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