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    Does anyone know why some ROMs differ from others where one ROM will act (as it should) and show the "now playing: <song title here>" under the notification bar when playing music through the music application, and then this feature will 'break' on other ROMs and it won't show in the notification bar?

    I'm running Bugless Beast .9 with Chevy's Low Voltage 1.0ghz kernel currently (sometimes I switch to the 1.2 ghz kernel - LV as well) and I've had this problem only recently.

    To be specific, this is what I see: it shows the triangle in the notification bar, indicating that I am indeed playing music. However, when I actually pull down on the bar it doesn't show that music is playing under "ongoing". There's nothing to click on (like there should be) that will take me to the music app. This is a real pain for me because I'm very accustomed to pulling down the notification bar, clicking on now playing, and being taken to the music application to pause/play/do whatever it is I want to do. It also makes driving a stick shift car pretty hard when you're trying to change tracks quickly and have to slide your home screens left and right in order to get to the music widget. Being able to pull down on the notification bar and click on now playing is just so fast for me.

    If anyone has any ideas about what is happening, I'd appreciate your sharing.

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