Multiple Startup Entries For The Same Apps

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    I apologize if this has been asked already. I didn't find anything specific to what I'm looking for. I've been stock until yesterday when I decided that nearly a week with the 2.2 OTA update wasn't giving me the speed I've been looking for and figured rooting and later a ROM would be the best for me. So far I've only rooted and played around with some of the root-only apps. I haven't done any ROMs or kernels yet.

    The question:
    Is it normal to have multiple copies of the same system process startup? Here's a cap from Startup Manager:

    Is it necessary for the Email (I do have two accounts) and Messaging apps to each have two startup entries? Also, does the Google Services Framework need four entries? I probably would ignore all of it if it weren't for the four entries for the same thing.
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