Multiple Dorid Pro bluetooth problems

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid Pro' started by C14, Feb 12, 2011.

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    First I am trying to use my Droid Pro with a Bluetooth motorcycle system (interphone F4). The pairs no problem, the stereo music works no problem, the controls for music works no problem, I can initiate calls and even use voice commands but I cannot get any phone audio or the microphone to work once a call is in progress. I do notice that the Bluetooth button on the lower left in the call screen is off by default. When I touch that button the bar turns green but still no phone audio. I tried turning off “media audio” in the Bluetooth setting and leaving only “phone audio” on but no change.

    This phone works fine with the Bluetooth system in my wife’s Toyota.

    In my Nissan I have a Kenwood KIV BT900 and the phone audio works fine with that but I cannot get A2DP media to work with that device. The exact opposite problem I am having with the motorcycle headset.

    I have tried MediaSwitch application but no change. I love the droid but it really seems to be Bluetooth challenged.
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