Multi-track audio app Audio Evolution Mobile released!

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    Audio Evolution Mobile is a multi-track audio sequencer with multi-track playback, non-linear non-destructive editing with unlimited undo/redo, real-time effects and much more!

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    • Multitrack audio playback
    • Audio recording (while playing back other tracks)
    • Import of wav, aiff, flac, Ogg/Vorbis audio files
    • Import of mp3 (requires an optional download due to patents on mp3 if applicable to your country)
    • Mastering to stereo file
    • Each track has controls for volume, panning, mute, solo, arm, 4-band EQ, 3 insert effects and output bus selection
    • Unlimited number of tracks (*)
    • Unlimited number of groups (*)
    • Real-time effects include: chorus, delay, dual delay, reverse delay, reverb, bandpass, highpass, lowpass, flanger, noisegate and tremolo (*)
    • Non-linear non-destructive editing with move, trim, split, cut/copy/paste, remove, range editing
    • Unlimited undo/redo for editing facilities
    • Several grid options for aligning your samples (with tempo and time signature settings)
    • Repeat samples with several options to create loops
    • Add markers and quickly jump to them
    • Load/Save projects including loading projects from Audio Evolution 5 projects
    • Buffer size preferences

    (*) Depending on your hardware's capabilities

    • 800x480 screen minimum (in landscape)
    • Android 2.2 or higher

    You can download the demo here, or buy the full version using this link.

    For more information, please visit one of the links or our website at Home.
    I appreciate any feedback!
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