MTK6595 Octa Core MEIZU MX4 Evaluation !

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    Meizu MX4 configuration:

    Screen size: 5.36 -inch IPS screen (sharp/JDI); 1920 x 1152 resolution
    Processor: MTK6595 Octa Core
    Memory: 933MHZ 2gb DDR3 RAM
    Camera: pre - 2 million pixels F2.0 , rear 20.7 million pixels, F2.2; Double ISP chip
    Custom Flyme system interface: depth of Flyme 4.0
    Battery capacity: 3100 mah/samsung SONY batteries
    Online support: TDD LTE, FDD LTE, TD-SCDMA、WCDMA、GSM
    The fuselage size: 144 * 75.2 * 8.9 mm
    Weight: 147 g


    The Meizu MX4 gave me the deepest impression on the appearance of ultra narrow bezel is 2.6 mm, about the ultra narrow border measures had been divided, but no matter how you measure it, the naked eye to MX4 the borders of goodwill can prove that it was successful.


    On the screen size and resolution, meizu is still special, it USES a 5.36 -inch, 1920 x 1152 resolution JDI screen. And as for meizu screen color gamut, contrast and brightness of the three parameters increase at the same time, we actually don't need to dig into what is going on, as long as you can feel better visual effect resulted from the screen, there is a big promotion that is enough, but the fact is also like this.

    Positive design still visible meizu classic small dot Home button, this design has become a mock object of many vendors, simple and easy, and with a little bit of reiki is that it is a very significant characteristics.


    Borders against the black screen with specular enhance the overall visual perception, the other frame with extending the radian design to cater to the palm grip posture, coupled with the unique sand blasting process, also brought good touch feeling, combined with a 5.36 -inch screen operation experience, if I say the meizu MX4's feel is the best in the domestic mobile phone, said the pretty good also.


    Bezel and rear cover two parts have a fairly smooth handle, in the interface and the button on it, and the layout of MX3 is not much difference between ,the top key and the earphone port, on the left side of volume key , at the bottom of the USB interface and the speaker.

    It is worth mentioning the MX4 buttons feel is the obvious change, it is not like MX3 that soft feeling, but there are "hitched hitched" significant force feedback, feel is very good.


    Ultra-thin fuselage, only 8.9mm.


    Camera is a bigger part Meizu MX4 upgrade, it adopted the SONY IMX220 Exmor RS series sensors, with 20.7 million pixels, and flash MX4 also equipped with double color temperature.


    Meizu MX4, can saying is the back cover most easily open meizu phone so far, after opening the internal design change, such as MicroSIM card slot moved to the top, with a SIM card slot on the spring piece, can pop up in. Is still in the middle of the battery for SONY/samsung batteries, the capacity is 3100 mah, than ever before on the capacity increased a lot.


    The support of MX4 on the network is more powerful, 5 die 13 frequencies, which is at the same time support China mobile and China unicom 4 g networks, and backwards compatible mobile and China unicom 3 g and 2 g network. Support for 4 g networks is meizu MX4 key part。


    Flyme 4.0 the manifestation of beauty has two aspects, one is the overall design of beautiful interface, the other is in use process to bring a good experience. While the Flyme 4.0 larger changes made on the basis of the original, if the meizu old users of this inheritance should be recognized, and is keen to Flyme this kind of design style, and for Flyme excellent operating experience, it is also a lot of customers willing to pay for its important reasons.


    Currently the meizu MX4 carrying MT6595 octa core processors, with 2 gb of RAM and 16/32 gb ROM, meizu scene show AnTuTu run score according to the 46000 +, the data to judge if, it has entered the top performance.


    After our actual test in on AnTuTu 5.0 version score is 51293 points, a lot higher than the official data also, performance is very strong. If compared to previous models run detailed points Conditions, MX4 in "memory performance" and "CPU integer performance", "CPU floating-point performance", "2 d / 3 d drawing performance", "database IO" and so on various aspects of subtests were improved, and the promotion is considerable.

    Conclusion: for the generation of meizu MX, although it may be the first version (and possibly higher configuration version) in the future, but from its configuration, performance and overall Flyme 4.0 brings a new user experience, MX4 already have quite a good competitive power, and in the meizu very unique temperament, the competitiveness will be directly converted into the user's cognition, perhaps MX4 will soon become the meizu's best-selling models, MX4 actually can be seen as the starting point of meizu will change.

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