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    I'm kinda new to this phone and I need a little help from the community.

    I made a custom ringtone about 7 seconds long. it is in a mp3 format. I emailed it to myself so i can get it on my phone. I downloaded the attachment to my SD card.

    My goal is to send that mp3 file to my girlfriends phone thru MMS services.

    At first I had no idea where the file even saved to. After about 10 minutes, I figured it must of went into the music file along with my other mp3's. Since it only had a file name there was no artist or album associated with it. so I had to scroll to the bottom of the list because the file started with a "V" and if I pressed the search button nothing happened. so i finally find the file and I click on it. I then click share...and it only gives me the option to share via bluetooth.

    I then tried going to messages-->attach from music and sounds--> scrolled for minutes down to the bottom. Found the file and then sent it thru mms and it worked.

    Overall..I'm trying to find a quicker way of performing this process. since there was no song artist and search button didn't open anything...I had to scroll thru over 2000 songs.

    I downloaded OI file manager....I found the file very quickly but it only gives me the option to share via bluetooth,gmail, and email. I also tried Astro and it had the same options as OIFM

    If any droid genius can help me out that would be awesome cause I"m at wits end

    p.s. I'm running froyo 2.2
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