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    After months of long hours, today is the day.

    I just finished uploading MovieGallery 2 to Google Play. Yesterday I uploaded the build to Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and hopefully, if all goes well, their approval process will activate it in the next couple of days.

    If you have been following the DVD Catalyst Newsletter, you probably already seen a few screenshots of what the new MovieGallery app is capable of, but as a reminder here are the basics:


    After you start MovieGallery 2, it will display your movies, just like it did before. However, if you do not have cover images, it will display thumbnails. In the previous versions of MovieGallery, there was an option to have it write the movie name on the thumbnail, this is now done automatically for thumbnails.


    Of course, things get interesting if you actually have cover images. Just like before, if you have cover images for your movies, MovieGallery 2 will display those, instead of the thumbnails.


    One of the big new things in MovieGallery 2 is a build-in cover-search feature. A simple tap on the [​IMG] button will have MovieGallery 2 do a search on the web for cover images based on the name of your movie file, and display the images it found. A simple tap on the image will set that image as the cover-image for your movie.


    Also new in MovieGallery 2 is the folder selection. The previous version of MovieGallery 2 included folder selection as well, but it was a bit tricky to find the folder you were looking for. In MovieGallery 2, a simple tap on the [​IMG] button will bring up folders where MovieGallery2 found your video files. Aside from the new look, it now also enables you to pick a root-folder. For example, if you organize your TV shows in sub-folders for the seasons (TV - Friends - Season 1, TV - Friends - Season 2), you can now select the other folders as well, selecting the TV folder will show all the videos in the TV folder as well as in its sub-folders, selecting the Friends folder will select all the Friends episodes you have, selecting Friends - Season 1 will just show the episodes from season 1.


    But things get even better. You can now include background images in your folders. When you organize the movies and shows on your device/memorycard, just include a background file that you find fitting for the videos in that folder. For example, the screenshot above has 4 Blade movies in a "Blade" folder, and I included a background image. By selecting the Blade folder, MovieGallery 2 will load the background and the covers.


    Doing the same with another folder, such as a TV show folder will automatically have MovieGallery 2 load that background when you switch the folders.


    Which brings up something else new. Especially with TV shows, using a cover image for each episode is a lot of work. In the previous version, MovieGallery required you to create a cover image for each video. With MovieGallery 2, you can use a cover image in a folder, and each video in that folder will use the same image. If you want to use a different cover image for individual videos, you can do that as well, the ones that don't have their own cover image will use the generic cover image.


    With backgrounds and cover images receiving an overhaul, I also implemented folder images. Just add a folder image for the folders you use, and when you browse through your folders, MovieGallery2 will display those instead of a generic folder image.

    For an idea on how MovieGallery 2 looks, have a look at this YouTube video:

    As mentioned earlier, MovieGallery 2 is available in Google Play, and currently in the approval process on the Amazon Appstore and Barnes and Noble NOOK apps.

    The above applies to the pay-version of MovieGallery only.

    MovieGallery Free is not updated yet, as I am still trying to come up with a suitable, advertising-free solution for it.
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