Movie type trailers so how do i go on....

Discussion in 'Android Audio and Video' started by ill_fish, Aug 29, 2010.

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    I cant get this site running on my droid x phone. can you?
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    It's a site with the awesome amount of a total of 2 (two) movie trailers at the moment, and the trailers on it are embedded youtube videos, so I would suggest to do a search on these forums on how to get youtube to work.

    if you want to run a trailer website, considering the issues with flash on mobile devices and such, I would suggest to create MP4 video files with streaming enabled (search the forums for more on that). MP4 files are hardware-accelerated on devices running Android, and work on iPhone and Blackberries as well (if you use proper settings for those devices)

    You could have a look at my trailer-thread on these forums for a few files to play with.
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