Movie/TV Backups (Media Center)

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    So Im sure there are those of you out there that are tired of having to go fish a dvd out of your collection every time you want to watch it but arent quite sure how you want to manage your collection. Ive been using plex media server for about a year now in conjunction with a few other pieces of software to make my life easier. Below is an overview of my setup and I hope you enjoy. I only suggest this software to use as a backup/digital copy of media that you own.

    SabNZBD --> newsgroup reader/downloader
    SickBeard --> TV show listing agent
    CouchPotato --> Movie Listing agent
    HeadPhones --> Music listing agent
    Plex Media Server --> Media streaming/server

    Plex Media Center --> Media streaming/client for pc's
    MediaDog --> Media manager for Android devices
    Qouch --> Media Manager for IOS devices (iPhone/iPad)
    Plex for Android--> Media Streamer for phone

    Hardware suggestion:
    Minimum hardware: dual-core 3.0 GHz processor
    Suggested processor: quad-core 3.6 AMD (they are running cheap on newegg right now)

    Ram and hard disk are dependent upon other uses and operating system...can discuss if you get that far.

    I suggest having a machine dedicated to downloading and managing the media if you can afford the loss of use of a machine.
    Get a Roku of your choice (I suggest the XD model for 1080P streaming)