Mouse and Keyboard freeze when Thunderbolt is mounted

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    I have Windows Vista 32-bit home professional. When I mount my Thunderbolt (Android 2.34), my mouse, pen tablet and keyboard don't respond. The computer is still running though. Sometimes it happens within a minute; Sometimes it take 10-15 minutes, but it always happens, and the only thing I can do is a hard restart. It works fine on my laptop with Windows 7 Home Pro 64-bit, so I know it's not the phone.

    I tried turning off my virus protection. I tried this:

    dial ##7764726
    Hit Call
    Type Password 000000 (that's 6 zeros)
    Hit Feature Settings
    Choose CD ROM
    Click Disable
    Hit menu, commit modifications (it will say no item changed)

    from this thread: about the incredible that had a similar problem. The problem is there was no option to disable the CD ROM on the thunderbolt.

    Any Suggestions? It's driving me crazy.
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