MotoTorch and Facebook sync on bbv.3

Discussion in 'Bugless' started by chomorro, Jun 29, 2010.

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    I finally set everything up again. I have swype working, flash working (except for Hulu), Blue Energy Themed with Sense Battery Icon, Launcher Pro, Market works, wifi works, wifi tether works. Havent seemed to have any of the issues most people post some im stoked :).

    Only problems i have found is face book wont sync with my contacts, tried checking and unchecking the box a few times then exiting.

    And moto torch widget wont work, it sounds like it turns on the camera but no leds. I read the release notes on the app and tried the turning auto brightness off in system settings but still cant get it to work.

    Any help is greatly appreciated :). Froyo is awesome so far, love all the little changes.

    Stock BB 800mhz:
    Linpack Score = 12, Quadrant = 1070 (was 580 at first install), Nenamark =11.7fps