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    Hello everybody greetings from Monterrey Mexico.

    That said I have a Motorola XT910 And was happy to have it, that is until an upgrade mysteriously appear installed that is the 2.0 System upgraded to and everything went crazy in my phone screens and colors and back grounds but specially Telcel (AT&T) in mexico navigation stopped and I heva not been able to restart it I took it to Telkcel "FRENDLY" Customer service support and they told me that somehow the nets of the telcel phone moved and they "re-oriented" that and it worked for an hour now I don't know wnat to do.

    They told me that it was practically impossible to "degrade" OS to the "old one" so I'm stuck with it.
    I wonder id you Gentlemen could show me some light as to make it work I'm almost sure that the 2 surfing nets are kind of screwed up but I don seem t find the right screen to move it back, to the right one.

    Any help will be appreciated

    Thank you
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