Motorola XT720 Android Smartphone Coming to Cincinnati Bell On Fri

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    The Motorola XT720 looks to be on the way to the US. Europe has had it for a little while now, but the specs are still good enough to warrant excitement. Cincinnati Bell will be launching the phone on their network this Friday.​

    • 720 MHz processor (the same type that was in the original Droid but at a higher clock speed)
    • 3.7 inch capacitive screen at 854×480 pixels
    • 8 MP camera capable of 720p video
    • Xenon Flash
    • HDMI out, with cable in the box
    • 8 GB microSD in the box
    • 256 MB RAM
    • 512 MB ROM
    • DLNA
    • Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G
    Looks pretty enticing really. Oh. The piece de resistance. No Motoblur. Doesn’t that sound quite wonderful? It looks like pricing will be $200 with two year contract and equipment agreement, or $450 outright.

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