Motorola WX445 leaked, found to be cheap and running Android 2.1

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    Even if you're not a fan of Motorola, you have to give them credit for their resilience. We all know about Motorola's upcoming high-end Android devices arriving on Verizon this summer: the Droid X and Droid 2. Also, recently announced was the mid-range Motorola Charm coming to T-Mobile sometime soon. So, what about that niche market looking for a low-level (i.e., cheap) Android phone? Well, the Motorola WX445 just may be the phone for you.

    The WX445, according to Engadget, will be launching on Verizon, but there is no release date yet. According to the leaked photos, the WX445 is running Android 2.1 (what a relief!), and possibly the same version of Blur seen on the Droid X. Also visible is the Verizon branding. The phone resembles the Palm Pre Plus, but with a matte finish, as opposed to a plastic one. But don't let that fool you, the device is very plastic-y, according to Engadget. Also, on-board you will find a flashless camera, a 2.5"-3" screen, and a paltry 1175mAh battery. Pricing and availability is unknown at this time, but it's quite obvious those looking for a true smartphone experience will likely be choosing a Droid X, Droid 2, or Samsung Fascinate instead of the WX445.

    Check out more photos after the break:



    Source: Engadget
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