Motorola Webtop Code Reveals “Edison” and “Common”

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    Looks like we’ve got a couple of device codenames to add to our long list of device codenames. This time, a user dug within Webtop code (Webtop is the software running on those Lapdocks that are compatible with newer Motorola phones) and found references to “Edison” and “Common”.

    For these two devices to be referenced here it sounds like more dual-core beasts may be on their way. All major carriers in America but T-Mobile have the other three phones listed, but that holds no bearing on where these might go. We also most consider that these may be old codenames no longer in use.

    We still have the Motorola DROID HD to fully uncover and new rumors of a certain Motorola DROID Razr have sprung up, but there’s no way to be sure if any of this is related. In short: new codenames, but we’re completely lost as to what for. Hopefully more will come to light soon

    SOURCE: Motorola “Edison” and “Common” Outed in Bionic Webtop App - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog

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