Motorola Releases 'Windy Day' Interactive Short-Story for Moto X on Google Play Store

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    Last Friday we shared a video teaser of an intriguing, yet vague, "app" coming out for the Moto X. It was called "Windy Day" and it turns out that it is a bit different than we thought. It isn't really just a game. It's an interactive story that displays as part of an update for the Moto X app called Motorola Spotlight Player. You can now grab it on the Google Play Store.

    It was made in collaboration with Pixar's Jan Pinkava who wrote and directed the Pixar short Geri's Game, and co-directed Ratatouille. Apparently it's basically like a movie where you control the camera by moving around your Moto X. Here's a quote from the Google Play Store with more details,

    Source: Google Play Store - "Windy Day" - Motorola Spotlight Player
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