Motorola Mobility Streamlines Further: Leaving South Korea; 540+ Folks to be Laid Off

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Dec 10, 2012.

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    When Google said they were going to start streamlining Motorola to make it leaner and meaner, they weren't exaggerating. Sometimes you have to make the tough decisions to move out of areas where your ROI is damaging, and that is what Google has done with Motorola Mobility in South Korea. They will be leaving the South Korean market that is completely dominated by Samsung and LG currently. By closing down their Korean operations they will unfortunately have to layoff most of their workforce there. That amounts to over 540 folks who will need to find other work. Motorola shared they will be offering relocation packages to about 10% of their Research and Development Unit folks from there. Here's a quote with their statement,

    While this will be some bad news for folks in Korean, the good news is that Moto is growing more powerful. Who knows, maybe all this restructuring will lead to something really big from the Motorola camp next year... maybe a Motorola Nexus device perhaps?

    Source: TheNextWeb