Motorola Droid to the DROID X

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by movadoevo8, Jul 15, 2010.

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    Hey guys Just wanted to say thank you so much for all the support tips and ROM hacks I loved hacking my Motorola Droid. As of today i became a DROID X owner which is replacing my Motorola Droid and will miss all the custom hacks etc.

    I heard right now you can't root the X and it will be very difficult if even possible :( .....

    At least my wife still has her Motorola Droid so I can still mess around with hers anytime I want, but just wanted to thank the community for all the great work and efforts since day one. I will be joining the Droid X Forums, but I will still visit the daily like i'm used too.

    DROID DOES!!!!! :)